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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How does Rideshare Ohio work?
    Rideshare Ohio is a statewide commuter information network that connects you with transportation options other than driving to work alone. When you register with Rideshare Ohio, your commute information is entered into a database that searches for other commuters with similar routes and work hours.
  2. What is a carpool?
    A carpool is two or more commuters sharing a ride in one of their own vehicles. Carpoolers can either share driving and expenses or one person may drive all of the time, in which case the passenger shares operating expenses with the driver. The best carpooling arrangements are very flexible. In fact, you don’t need to carpool every day, just as often as your schedule allows. This gives you the freedom to plan errands or appointments on days when you aren’t carpooling.
  3. What is a vanpool?
    A vanpool involves 7-15 commuters who use a van owned by a third-party leasing agency. Typically, a vanpool includes a) a vehicle provider, who also handles fee collection, b) a primary driver, who maintains the vehicle and drives most of the time, and c) one or more alternate drivers, who drive the van when the primary driver is ill or on vacation. Use of the van, as well as all maintenance, insurance, 24-hour roadside assistance and toll-free support are all included in the monthly vanpool fee.
  4. How can I find a carpool or vanpool in my area?
    When you register with Rideshare Ohio, you’ll be included in a database of thousands of people interested carpooling and vanpooling. You’ll receive a “matchlist” with the names and contact information of those persons and vanpools matching your commute pattern. Home addresses are never included on the matchlists and home phone numbers may be excluded as well. Just contact the names on that list and make your carpool or vanpool arrangements.
  5. Could anyone have a schedule as crazy as mine?
    Believe it or not, yes! You would be surprised at the number of people who work flexible hours; you may find someone with a similar schedule. Don’t forget, while you may not be able to carpool every day, you may still be able to a few days a week. We’ll do our best to find a match for you. Also, don’t rule out joining a vanpool, you would simply carpool or drive yourself on days that don’t conform to your vanpool schedule.
  6. What if I work second or third shift?
    Carpooling or vanpooling may still work for you. We have workers from all shifts and schedules in our commuter database.
  7. Why do I have to provide my home address when I register?
    Rideshare Ohio uses your home address to effectively match you to commuter vanpools, park and ride lots, etc. that are located near your home. However, your home address will NEVER appear on another person’s match list
  8. Do I have to give out my home phone number when I register?
    No, you do not have to provide your home phone number. We do require that you provide at least one phone number (such as a work number) when registering. This is required so you won’t miss the opportunity to be contacted by a “perfect carpool match” if the other individual doesn’t have access to email.
  9. What is my commitment when I register with Rideshare Ohio?
    Searching for alternative transportation by registering with Rideshare Ohio in no way obligates you to use alternate modes of transportation. Moreover, you may remove (delete) your registration at any time.
  10. What if I’m reluctant to carpool with a complete stranger?
    Contact your carpool match, then meet in a neutral location to discuss carpool arrangements. If you’re still uncomfortable, then simply decline the offer to carpool.
  11. Are there other transportation options besides carpooling and vanpooling?
    Quite possibly. Rideshare Ohio can help you with information on other available transportation choices. When you register, you can also search for park and ride lots, bike routes (where applicable) and bus services. You can also see what transportation services are available in your area by visiting the Ohio Department of Transportation’s web site.
  12. What if I need to leave work quickly due to an emergency at home and I didn’t drive my vehicle that day?
    The Guaranteed Ride Home (GRH) program is designed to reimburse part of your cab fare home when you have an emergency during your workday. You can use the GRH program if: you used an alternative transportation mode (carpooling, vanpooling, etc) to get to work; are registered with Rideshare Ohio or one of its partner agencies, and have become ill; had a family crisis; or are faced with unexpected overtime. Under these circumstances you can take a taxi home and a portion of your fare will be reimbursed. Your area’s rideshare agency can tell you the amount of reimbursement and the number of times per year the GRH vouchers can be used.

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