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10 Tips for Successful Ridesharing

  1. Meet with your future "poolers" before the trips.
  2. Determine morning/evening pickup points, route and time schedule.
  3. Establish a "driver schedule" which identities who drives and when.
  4. Agree on smoking, eating, drinking and music policies.
  5. Be on time. Decide, as a group, how long the driver is to wait.
  6. Establish a chain of communication to notify each other in case of illness or other changes.
  7. If a member of the group doesn't drive, determine a method for reimbursing driving expenses.
  8. Be courteous. Don't blow your horn repeatedly for your passengers. Passengers, be ready to go.
  9. Remember, conversation isn't always necessary. Some prefer to sleep or work during the ride.
  10. If you need another pooler, log in and run a new carpool list. You may also Contact us if you need additional assistance.

Not finding matches? Here are a few tips to help you with your search:

  1. Adjust your commute time. If you normally leave by 7am, but are willing to leave by 6:30am, you may find a new match in your area. Play around with the start and end times to see if a new match appears.
  2. Talk to your employer to see if adjusted shift times or flex schedule is possible to help widen your search of potential matches.
  3. Adjust the match radius area around your home or work. Could you take a quick bus trip to meet a carpool or vanpool heading to your employer? Could your spouse or roommate drop you off on their way to work to meet a carpool heading your way? Think of ways to make a connection.
  4. Talk to your coworkers or post a flier in your break room to let people know you are looking to rideshare. Maybe they know a friend who would want to rideshare.
  5. Contact other businesses near your work and let them you are looking for someone to rideshare. They may know someone in their company who has been looking as well. Ask if they would mind posting a flier in their break room.
  6. Be social. Ask your social network followers if anyone is looking to rideshare.

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